10 Best Tips for Helping a Dog Who Is Afraid of Fireworks

Some people may find fireworks amazing, but many dogs are afraid of fireworks and find the sound and spectacle terrifying. Anxiety caused by dog fireworks anxiety can induce a state of panic in your pets.

Anxious dogs should never be brought to fireworks displays. However, even domestic dogs can be overwhelmed by the noise, mainly if their neighbors also set off fireworks. Therefore, it is crucial to assist your pet.

Dog Who is Afraid of Fireworks, tremble, pace, or whine in response to the sounds of fireworks, prompting pet owners to consider using medications to manage these behaviors. However, the following suggestions may help reduce a dog’s fear of fireworks.

Following are the Best Tips for Helping a Dog Who is Afraid Of Fireworks

Use Sound Training to Reduce a Dog’s Fear of Fireworks

You can help a dog who is afraid of fireworks learn to cope with them by setting up training sessions throughout the year, well in advance of events such as the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve fireworks displays.

Start by playing a fireworks sound effect (many are available for free online) at a very low volume for a brief period while giving your dog a series of small, tasty dog treats and heaps of praise when they maintain their composure. Then turn off the sound and cease offering treats.

Repeat the procedure, always at a low volume, until your dog looks at you expectantly when the sound begins. Ensure that your dog is comfortable with the sounds and is not exhibiting any signs of anxiety.

In subsequent training sessions, gradually increase the volume, varying the recordings to include different types of fireworks, until your dog begins to associate the sounds with treats and praise for maintaining a calm demeanor. This could potentially desensitize your pet to the sound of fireworks.

Look at a Dog Anxiety Vest

Dog Anxiety Vest | PetCare Mag

Similar to how swaddling helps calm infants, a snug garment that applies gentle pressure to your dog’s torso can alleviate his fear of fireworks.

Prior to the event, acclimate your dog to wearing a pressure wrap, such as a dog anxiety vest, so that he or she is comfortable wearing the garment.

Check out the ThunderShirt, which uses a patented “hugging” design to help reduce the stress associated with a dog fear of fireworks.

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Schedule a Workout Before the Fireworks

Hiking or playing with friends during the day will help tire out your dog prior to the start of the fireworks.

Plan a day of fun activities that will leave your dog mentally and physically exhausted so that he or she is less likely to react to fireworks.

Plan ahead for meals and Potty Breaks

Potty Breaks For Dogs | PetCare Mag


It is essential to schedule your dog’s dinner and potty breaks well before nightfall, as fireworks typically begin as soon as the sun sets. There is nothing worse than a dog that is afraid of fireworks and needs to go outside but is too terrified to do so.

Give your dog sufficient time to finish his meal, digest, and relieve himself before the noise begins, so he is not forced to hold it during an already stressful time.

Maintain Your Dog’s Occupancy During Fireworks

Provide a distraction by giving your dog something tasty to chew on, such as a KONG Classic dog toy, during fireworks. Stuff the busy toy with special treats, such as your dog’s all-time favorite, so he has something else to concentrate on during the noise.

You can also give your dog frozen treats, such as a frozen carrot, to chew on.

Muffle the Noise

The unpredictable booming sounds can be perceived as an impending threat and make a dog feel defenseless.

While counterconditioning with a recording of fireworks throughout the year will help your dog become accustomed to the noise, a simple way to manage dog fireworks anxiety during the event is to simply muffle the sounds.

Plug in a white noise machine or play soothing music loud enough to conceal the fireworks. If your dog’s “safe zone” is his crate, you can additionally cover the top, sides, and back with a thick blanket and play him soothing music or sounds. Ensure that your dog can leave the crate if he so chooses.

Relax Your Dog

Relax Your Dog | PetCare Mag

You may have heard that comforting your dog during stressful situations can increase his anxiety. However, your dog fear of fireworks is warranted. It is appropriate and often helpful to offer comfort during this time.

During frightening events such as fireworks, sitting close to your dog, petting him gently, and offering quiet words of reassurance can help to ground him and may even reduce his fearfulness. In addition, doing so will teach your dog that you are his partner and that he can always turn to you when he is scared.

Consider Supplements for calmness

Use calming supplements to support your pet during stressful events, such as fireworks displays. Calming candies, such as VetriScience Soft Chews and Nutramax Solliquin Chews, induce relaxation without sedation.

A pheromone collar or diffuser is an additional option. During times of stress, your animal companion can benefit greatly from these calming methods.

Consult a Vet Specialist

Find a positive trainer who can guide you and your dog through relaxation protocols if your dog’s behavior does not improve.

Talk to your veterinarian or a board-certified veterinary behaviorist about anxiety medication for dogs and whether it is necessary if your dog’s fear of fireworks endangers them or you.

Keep in mind that your dog’s fear of fireworks is a visceral response, and it will likely take multiple steps to help your dog feel more at ease around the sounds.


In conclusion, fireworks can be a source of wonder for some, but they can be terrifying for many dogs. The anxiety caused by fireworks can induce a state of panic in pets, leading to trembling, pacing, whining, and other fearful behaviors. It is important to assist a dog who is afraid of fireworks and help them feel more comfortable during these events.


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