Preparing Your Nervous Cat for Gatherings at Home

If you’re a pet parent who enjoys entertaining, you may find that as the party starts, your cat becomes scared. During parties at your home, your cat may hide under your bed or in a closet, not appearing until the last visitor has departed.

Nervous Cat for Gatherings at Home

It is normal for your cat to be anxious or fearful among big crowds of humans. Your cat is instinctively wary about the unknown, whether it be humans, inanimate items, or unexpected surroundings, since these unknowns might be hazardous, according to

Having a house full of visitors may activate your cat’s instincts, but there are methods to assist her avoid being overwhelmed by the quantity of people or level of noise in your home.

Give Her Some Space

Allow your cat to explore the home before the party starts. This does not imply that she should walk over the tables and counters, but you want her to see what the hoopla is about. She’ll probably feel less frightened if she’s used to how the party preparations appear and smell.

According to Animal Planet, “a nervous kitty is often head-shy,” which means she will avoid being touched on the head. She’ll also be prone to hiding, and you could see her slinking-walking with her legs bowed so she’s close to the ground.

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She may also twitch her ears or droop her tail with its tip bent downwards.” Cats communicate with their pet parents via body language, so check in on your feline friend’s health throughout the celebration.

You don’t want to push your anxious nervous cat to socialize with your party guests, so make sure she has a safe place to hide before the festivities begin. Make your bedroom off-limits to party visitors so that your cat has a safe and familiar place to hide.

If your cat refuses to be around humans, place her in a quiet, secure environment, such as a laundry room or bathroom with the door closed. To avoid stress, keep her requirements in the room with her, like as a litter box, food, drink, and toys.

Work on Her People Skills

One approach to prepare your nervous cat for gatherings is to socialize her from a young age. Cats are sociable animals that like spending time with humans, contrary to popular belief.

If your feline family member is still a young kitten (8-12 weeks old), she will be easier to socialize. “A kitten who did not get a lot of human interaction as a baby will likely be more stressed out when socializing with new people,” PetMD states. Play with her regularly and allow her to engage with a variety of individuals.

You may also socialize your elder ‘fraidy cat. It takes a bit more time and forethought, but cats of all ages may be socialized and trained to be less anxious around people and sounds. Regardless of your cat’s age, ask your visitors to let her do her thing. You don’t want to push your pet to engage if she isn’t interested.

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If you’re hosting a party with a regular cast of characters, try to schedule a meet-and-greet beforehand. This kind of socialization is an excellent technique to keep your cat relaxed throughout any big event.

Ask your acquaintance to sit patiently (without making any abrupt movements) until the cat approaches him. Don’t be shocked if your cat rejects him at first, but she’ll warm up to him with time.

Giving your cat a nice hiding location can make you, her, and your visitors feel more calm and joyful. And if you can gradually ease her into socializing at her own speed, you could be astonished to see her interact with your guests at the next gathering. Remember that this is also her residence.

She prefers to be at home, so never urge her to socialize. If you see her becoming stressed, tell her that everything will be OK and assist her in getting away from the chaos. This will also deepen your bond with her.


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